The Storm Came.

I made lasagna early and finished four, containers of it. I made bread, and browned it. Someone brought salad, and cooked her bread. The storm was on its way this afternoon, but when the rain, and winds came, they were milder than I thought they would be. I am thankful, and so are the people who came tonight for our Wednesday prayer time.

You see, we thought we would have to cancel the services, but Ed thought, “We are going to meet.”

We did, and the time was wonderful together. I kept watching the wind blow, but nothing much happened. I finished my cooking much earlier than usual. I started at 1:00 P. M. because I wanted to be through before the storm arrived. This way, if the electricity went out, we had our warm meal. It would have worked, but the storm was slight compared to what we expected.

Supper was good. My side started hurting, and I had to sit out some. I will get it checked out tomorrow. This has been going on for some weeks. Smile.



5 thoughts on “The Storm Came.

  1. The storm is here now with heavy rain, but not much wind. Praise the Lord! He went on to bed because he’s not afraid, but I am, and George the dog is. The kitties outside have a place of shelter. Now, the wind is starting and the rain is beating on the windows in the kitchen. No lightning or thunder, but heavy rain. I think we’ll be all right!

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    1. You know how to call on the Lord, and He delivers you many times from fear. I am glad that you know that Jesus rebuked the storms. I rebuked a squall in South Carolina when we were on our way somewhere. At the count of three we three rebuked it. Amazing how it left.


    2. Jane, want you to pray for me about 1:00 P. M. today. I go to the doctor to discuss my right side pain, which is near the gall bladder. It wasn’t severe, but it was constant, and didn’t let up during the meeting, or when I sat down. I laid on the couch several times after making the lasagna. I started early because of the predicted storm. Our storm was rain and lightning, and my side.


      1. I have a test tomorrow morning before 8:05. It will be a scan to see about the place that is hurting. They will scan the liver, and the gall bladder. If it is the gall bladder, I will have them take it out, and my appendix too. I don’t want trouble with either one of them.
        I saw the doctor, and this time it was a woman, who was smart, and observant. I am in her good, hands. She will review the information that comes back from the scans. Isaac drove me over there, and the imaging place is close to the doctor’s office. I can’t eat a thing after mid-night. This makes me want to eat more!


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