The Lord Thy God in the Midst of Thee is Mighty!! 3

This is the third time. I remember a snowy day in my town where I live. The snow packed up because the snow machines came by to blow it off the downtown streets. I was downtown for a reason, and I don’t remember why. I had to go around a circle, and there were a number of parked cars. As I drove carefully, I hit a piece of ice on the road, and my car began to slide toward the cars. I would hit three or four in seconds.

This is when I cried out to God. JESUS! JESUS! HELP ME JESUS!

The car abnormally straightened, and passed those cars and I went on my way to my destination. The Lord Thy God in the midst of thee is Mighty. You receive the Lord by faith, and the Holy Spirit comes inside. Repentance comes before receiving Him, but the Holy Spirit is teaching you, guiding you, and making you transform into the image of Christ. I believe I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

What stands in the way to keep you from submitting to Christ 100%? Forgive yourself for holding back, and submit to Him by faith. You will see a total change immediately, including the peace of Christ that is remarkable. God loves the world so much that He sent His Only Son to die for us, and Jesus Christ is His name. He died, and rose from the grave, and soon after went to heaven where He sits on His throne praying for you and me.

He knows us by name. He knows us thoroughly. We were created to worship the Lord our God who is in the midst of us, who is Holy, and Mighty.!! He is well aware of the progress of the World, and all that is against us. He surrounds us with His Presence when we welcome Him. The Lord your God in Your Midst is Mighty!!


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