The Lord Thy God in the Midst of Thee is Mighty.-2

I have continued this thought. There is spiritual rain that comes when God’s people begin to pray for their country, their nation, and their world. I believe it starts with one or two, and then three or five, and it multiplies….the faith, and the coming together to seek God.

We need revival, but we don’t see this with God’s eyes until the Holy Spirit draws us together to begin the rain of the Holy Spirit…the praying before the Sunday services, the meeting that we hold, and the crusades. I know of one evangelist who has many people praying days before he comes to speak. No wonder God causes people to turn to Him. They come under conviction of the Holy Spirit because many have been praying together about the one week of meetings.

We forget that the Lord they God in the Midst of Thee is Mighty. He is mighty. He is the Lord thy God, and He is Lord. I believe true submission is 100%. How do you get there?

Repent of your own sins. Don’t worry about someone else. Ask specifically for repentance of your sins. If you don’t know what you have done, then tell God you have a sinful nature, and you know you are a sinner.

Being good won’t get you to Heaven, but real repentance comes when we get off the throne of our lives, and submit to God, in Jesus name, 100%. Try this.

It works. God hears our prayers way before we give them, but he listens when we come to him. He is God! Holy. Sovereign, Almighty, the Creator, the Word, the Truth. He cared for you, and me and sent Jesus to die for us. Jesus rose from the dead, and soon after he ascended into heaven, and now is on the throne making intercession for you and me. He is praying for Us!


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