My 7th Anniversary. 3/1/2017

This is my 7th year today for joining Word Press. I know because they said, “Happy 7th year today.”

I am glad to still be on Word Press. My son showed me Word Press as a place to write. He was already on Word Press, and he didn’t want me to disrupt his writing. So he showed me how to start the blog, and told me I had to come up with the name, and the details. I did . Rubies Corner’s Blog was started. Those first posts were awkward, but I soon caught on. I now type to my audience, as if they are in the room with me, and I am talking to them. .


3 thoughts on “My 7th Anniversary. 3/1/2017

  1. jmschum3

    Congratulations! You’re up late! The storms you had are just arriving here. I’m still up, ready to jump into the closet! Of course, the Lord is watching over us, but I still get scared.


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