Isaiah 40:31

THOSE WHO WAIT for the Lord, will gain new strength in their inner man. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They won’t get tired from running, and they won’t faint and be weary from walking.

Waiting on the Lord means to sit down, open the Word, and stop being anxious about what is going on around you. Storms are coming this way, but the peace of God is on me from head to toe. I will manage to walk through the storm with His help, and Presence.

I have supper to cook tonight. Ed wants us to go through with the meal, and have our meeting together. It may be Ed, and me or it might be some brave people who will dare to come out even with the storm coming. We have been through this before, and we sat there and listened as the storm…the tornado hit the town. We were in a safe place, and we continued as usual…..reading the Word, studying, and praying together.

It sounds like a Daniel thing. The three men in the fiery  furnace walked about in the fire and there was a fourth there with them.

I hear sirens in a distance. The hospitals are down town, and the end of our street joins another one that leads downtown. I believe in the protection of the Lord. I am ready to meet Him, but I believe He will keep us in His hand. Smile. God loves you. Trust in Him.


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