Ed Says We Are Meeting Tonight.

I will fear no evil, for God is with me. Psalm  23:

I know the bathroom at the church, has no windows, and that if I need security, I can run there and the storm won’t touch me. We are having a meal at the church, and I will cook as long as there is heat, and water coming in. We have met many times when the storm was going on around us. I remember when the tornado came through this town. We were at the church praying that night.

We didn’t go anywhere. We met with the small group of people who gathered for prayer meeting, and we continued to pray, read the Word, and listen to Ed speak. It was like Daniel when he insisted on praying even though he would get in trouble for doing so. We didn’t get in trouble. We were not harmed, or hurt.

When you go on through the storm, He allowed it for a reason. Maybe your glow will show. God in you is the Hope of Glory. Humility, and boldness, love, and faith with words that are said in kindness and gentleness mean much in perils.

. I believe when two agree, ten thousand can be put to flight. I believe we walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit when we submit to Him 100 %. Have you?



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