Are You Afraid of the Storms?

Trust in the Lord your God, and walk with Him through the Storm, like He is holding your hand as you go through it. I am praying for those who are in the storms, and struggling with their homes, and other belongings in a disaster situation. This is hard to go through.

Storms leave smashed homes, and clutter everywhere. Working though this is hard, and heart breaking.

We had to take everything we owned, and wash it. We packed it in bags, and set it outside on our carports. We haven’t washed it all, and there are still bags of clothes to dry, or to wash. It will take forever, but I will get to all of it. I worked on some this week, and today I will be cooking supper as always. The storm is coming, but we will have food ready.

Jesus rebuked the storm, and the waters settled. When he walked on the water, He got in the boat where the disciples were, and there was peace, and calm immediately. One time he stood to rebuke the storm when they woke Him up.

“Don’t you care? Why are you sleeping?”  they said.

God does care. We need to wake up, and rebuke the storms of life. Physical storms are an indication of the internal storms that are going on inside us. Deal with them, and may God give you His peace. Stop being afraid.


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