What I Don’t Like to see in Life.

I don’t like to hear negative comments about life when I have poured my cup of tea, and I am scooping out two, dollops of oatmeal. But let’s face it, if the negative wins, then your whole day will be spent in the reality of who you are, and where your mind is that day.

I wake up usually on the Bright-side of life. I can’t help it. God gives me dreams when he wants, and I sleep like a baby when I have worked hard all day. It is my choice to walk with the Lord, or to leave Him standing there while I walk off in my own negative, thoughts.

Life may throw us many curves but have you read Psalm 27 lately?. It is another beautiful Psalm .

He is my light,

He is my Salvation.

He is the defense of my life.

Do you see how many “my’s” are used in this one verse?

When you lean, you lean with all your heart, and all your understanding. You break, with the Lord, all the walls that have been between you, and Him.

By faith you come into His Presence saying,” You are my light, and my Salvation. You are the defense of my life. I love you Father, in Jesus name.”

Think about His light. It is all around Him. God is light, and in Him there is no, darkness. None.

He who walks with Him has to put away the darkness by confessing it as the sin in their life. Manipulation is one,darkness. You can’t control everyone around you, and walk in the Lord’s light with Him. Drop the darkness.!

. Walk in His light, and He will become your light, and Your Salvation. People don’t realize they need to have Salvation, until they see they need the walls of opposition to God gone, and shattered by His light. In His light we see light.

You can pray this verse back to God in Jesus name. Try it.


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