The Power of Prayer.

Little is much when God is in it. I have told some stories which are true about life in the ministry. I believe God has been working onus for 47 years. That is how long we have been married. We have been in the ministry that long, because when I met Ed, he was preaching at a chapel, and he needed a pianist to play for the service.

We drove to the mountains, and the hills of the countryside. We entered a small, church, where the stove for the room was already lit and it was toasty warm. I found the piano, and it was in tune. Ed shared what songs he wanted, and I began to practice, because I know that practice helps.

I don’t know how many people came that morning, but we kept going back. Many ministers had fed these people, and they were still hungry for the Word. There were snakes in the area, and one man sold what he found for money. He came to Christ under another minister, and he would come with us every time we came. We waitedl all day for the night service. We found food in the town, and visited in the afternoons. I believe people wondered how long we would come to their town, to their little, church.

My father came for a series of Revival meetings. We were serving 3, churches at that time. People came, sang, and they heard the Word. One lady came up, and actually asked me to tell her plainly how to come to Christ. The prayers of God’s people are powerful.

Two in agreement put 10,000 to flight. If you can find someone to pray with you, this can be done in minutes.

We were once more with Ed’s, mom. She wanted us to take her to her church, so we came to Sunday school. I waited to since the Presence of God. Things were hollow. Then it happened. The Lord came in and sat among us. Ed spoke a word , and soon we left. I believe we were there for a reason, but I never forgot that God walked into the Room and there was freedom to share Christ.



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