The Power of Prayer-2

I am sharing out of my heart today, because I am an encourager. The Word is our light, and when we read it, God shows us the darkness, and we repent. Unbelief is subtle,  and doubts and apathy will rob you of faith. When you are fought on every side, then ask God to wake you up early, and take your Bible in had hand,  and take the time to study the Word. You study so you can use it as a sharp two-edged sword to cut, and divide. 2 Timothy 2: 15.

I believe it adds fuel to the fire when you find a verse that you can quote to God in prayer.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to pulling down of strongholds. There are invisible,strongholds that God will eradicate in you, if you will yield to Him, and ask Him to remove all the opposition between you, and Him.

Bind the enemy, and loose the Presence of the Holy Spirit in you. Often what you are fighting is your “self”. It always wants to lead, and control you, and others. I can tell when people haven’t been in the Word for several, months. They become hampered with apathy, and busy with people, places, and things.

The JOY of the LORD is  your STRENGTH. Real joy comes when you sit in His Presence without interruption. He covers you with His glow when you have been there, waiting in His Presence, and talking to Him, but without many requests.

You worship more than you request.

I find that spending time to worship is powerful. Look to the Psalms for ideas, but come boldly before His throne, and make your requests when it is time. I believe in making my request, and in spending more time in singing to Him, and kneeling, down in surrender, and worship.

Knees are for bending. Hearts are for surrendering to Him. If you are a Christian, your Bible, and your knees will be more important than communication on the phone, or being with others .Know God wants you to be happy, but ignoring Him will produce darkness.

Your light comes when you are in His Presence talking to Him, and worshiping Him. It is not a one, day on Sunday relationship that He wants with you. God created us to be in His Presence and to talk, and walk with Him. He gave us families, and relatives, to love, and enjoy, but God should come first.


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