The Pain is Gone in My Side.

On a scale of 1-10 it was a 5, and now it is not. It is down to zero. Let the sleeping giant sleep. I ate a tiny ramekin of warm custard. It was made with whipping cream that hasn’t been beaten. I believe it soothed my side! Or someone prayed for me!

I have been washing clothes, ironing clothes, and getting them in and out of the washer and dryer. I had to wash everything in the house that has cloth value. It is still happening. I will be washing, ironing, and drying tomorrow also. The ironing kills any more bug a boos that have come into the house. I ironed tablecloths, and didn’t iron sheets! I folded the warm sheets from the dryer. Really the clothes need to get hot for ten minutes in the dryer. I let them dry on the rack, and then I put them in the dryer for the ten minutes. It is enough to get them hot. The dryer is already hot.

Maybe the bending to get the clothes is causing my side to respond. It is not use to this kind of bending.

It is worthwhile to wash clothes with my time, and iron them. They look nice. I iron pajamas also at times. It works for me. My closet is getting full now. We emptied it in order to clean, spray for bugs, and wash the clothes that were in the closet…all of them. I didn’t know I had so many. Of course there were some clothes, and tablecloths in the Cedar chest. It is empty now. I need to repair it.


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