Take One Verse, and Say it Aloud.

I really believe the Lord is with us when we yield to Him daily. I believe I am writing from my heart, about things that have happened many years ago, at the start of our ministry and life together. Ed and I have been married 47 years, and that is a long time to work with people in churches, and to pray for sermons, and the blessings of God.

We have knelt in humility many times, because we know that God will resurrect, and that He is I Am. We wait in His Presence many times for answers to problems, and people who are so stubborn, and just like we are. Humility is worked on our your life. Pride and arrogance come to combat, and to make us cry for those people to find Christ for real.

I have learned to speak the Word aloud that He gives me. Once I did there was relief. I noticed one time that a black thing left the room and the corner by my bed when I started reading aloud the five verses that I felt were mine for the day. We wrestle not with flesh and blood. It isn’t the person that is coming against us. It is either Satan, self, or sin. You can bind Satan, but you still have to deal with your self, and theirs. So I have found it is better to bind Satan, and bind self, and to release the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Say aloud, Sit on the throne of my heart, Holy Spirit of God. I yield to You today, in Jesus name. I bind Satan, and Self and sin, and loose You to work in me. I surrender to You, in Jesus name.


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