Psalm 23

Here again, note the word, “My”. The Psalmist has made the LORD his shepherd. Therefore he does not want anything else but to be in His Presence daily. It is hard to maintain His Presence if you are not in the Word daily. God wants us to take a little time to sit down, and study the Word, where we will hide it in our hearts. This keeps us from sinning against Him, but when we do sin, we can restore the relationship by FAITH, WITH HUMILITY OF SPIRIT.

WHAT does God do for the writer in this Psalm?

He makes me lie down in green pastures. Lying down is a form of resting, and in the green, pastures is a picture of supplying food, and plenty of it.

He leads me …by still waters. Waters can be rapidly flowing over rocks, and they are noisy waters. Still waters have been over the waterfalls, and the rocks. Now they are in this place of quiet, rest. Here is where He restores our soul.

Have you had the opportunity to rest in the Lord, and become refreshed from exhaustion in the ministry?

We went to a place once to rest, before we went on to Seminary in the Fall. The place was at a slower pace than ours, and we studied with the leader every, morning. She talked about becoming refreshed, and full of His Presence. It took a week, but we finally rested, and became lost in His love, and Presence. The business of school, and work had done its toll on us, but as we rested in the Lord, and studied, prayed, and took walks. He refreshed us from head- to toe.

Those who lead others spiritually must enter His rest daily, and find what He is saying in the Word for them, not their audience. At times God wants to talk to you.

He might be saying, “Sit down. Listen to Me. Fellowship. Honor me, and Kneel. Worship, and I will make you fishers of men. I will make you who you should be, but you must rest in My Presence, enough for it to make a marked difference.”



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