Daily Prompt: Quicken.

via Daily Prompt: Quicken

This is an old, but good, word. I believe teachers might say to the class, “Quicken your step. Don’t be slow getting back to class.”

At times when reading along, you might be signaled in your mind with a certain picture or phrase. This is when you experience a quickening that you can feel. It might have much to do with enthusiasm, or excitement that finally you found what you were looking for.

A family may cross the street together. Once they are on the sidewalk, the children may quicken their steps and actually run along ahead of Mom and Dad. They know they will get ice cream so they quicken their steps, get in the car, and sure enough Dad does take them to get ice cream.

You can be quickened in your mortal body. It might be that the hair rises on your neck when someone speaks. What is this about them? Other people might be boring, but this one quickens your very soul.


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