Back to Psalm 23

After I have been restored, He guides me. When you need to know His will, God will show you what it is. We had a choice on our hands. Were we going back to finish our last year of Seminary? The intern year was terrible, and Ed didn’t want to go back to finish his schooling.

I am sure it was his struggle with self, Satan, and sin, because Ed is a good man, and he was called to preach. Many are called, and some don’t follow through. Finally he looked at me with lightning, flashing in his eyes. “Ruby, pack your bags. We are going to Seminary.”

I thought,” I have cancelled out on teaching in the schools there. I really thought we weren’t going back. Now I will have to get a job.”

I accepted a job in one of the lowest schools in the city, and I cried my way through the school year. I don’t know how I managed, but I sang on the way to my classroom, and depended on God’s wisdom. My class was stacked with those the teachers didn’t want. One was sent to an institution after giving me, and the class a long wait. I was there to diagnose, and present him for help.

We packed up and went back to the campus, and I remember walking into the apartment they assigned us for that night. There were dead roaches all over the floor. I mean like 250 of them. I began sweeping them up and putting them in the garbage. We were exhausted, but I wasn’t going to sleep with the dead roaches.

We finally turned to a passage in the Word for encouragement. I am not sure if we fussed. We were married about 5 years at that time. Cleaning the apartment helped. Then we turned to Isaiah where it talks about God making us into a sharp, threshing instrument. We took this as what He would do with us in our lives.

You know, you are given something to accomplish with God’s help, and you learn to lean on His Everlasting Arms like the Hymn writer says. You draw close, and even if you have swept up the bugs on the floor, you know they are a picture of the enemy being defeated at your feet as you plunge into another new day. God has taught us more, than we have shared with people. God hasn’t given us lack of light, or wisdom. We have grown in our faith, and He expects us to ride the threshing machine, and find those who need Him.


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