Prosperity of the Humble.

I really believe the prosperity of the humble is that they have found the peace of God, and they walk with His peace on them from head to toe.

I don’t usually go anywhere without having read the Word, and studied. At times I have to leave and go somewhere without having read. I might read on the way, or read when I get there, just to have the covering of the Word on me.

Psalm 37:10 says that the Lord knows the days of the innocent. They are blameless. How? I believe they are covered with the blood, and they confess their sins when they know they have done something that has not pleased Him.

If you evaluate how David responded to the Lord, He was careful to confess his sins, and receive the forgiveness right then. He walked closely, and He was a sensitive person to the Presence of God. We must be careful to recognize the Presence of God in each other, Christians. You can tell a Christian by their fruit. We all make fruit. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is different…love joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, kindness, and speaking the TRUTH with love is wonderful.

Prosperity is His amount of peace on you. You can wear His peace all day. It is a Coat of Peace. Get into the Word, and pray. You will know the peace that passes understanding. I pray now that God will give you His peace, and that He will fight for you. May His angels be with you now, and may His light guide you. In Jesus name. The humble are those who have received the Lord into their lives. He has first place. Submit totally and see the difference.


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