Isaac Tried to Make Fudge.

Here is what we did with the portion of fudge that is left.  Isaac served ice cream at the church after church. He headed his fudge that failed, because it was still too, soft. He poured some of this over the ice cream. It was Yummy!

Today, I rolled up a ball of the cold syrup that didn’t make into fudge. It is still to runny. I rolled it in coconut. I sent Isaac to the store today. He brought back Rice Crispy cereal. It is always easy to roll into something. The coconut was already on the candy. I rolled it again into the cereal. Voila!

My side has been bothering me. It is about where the Gall Bladder is. I hope I will be alright. The pain is a 4 out of 10. I will get this checked out.


A peaceful day


One thought on “Isaac Tried to Make Fudge.

  1. If Isaac would use my recipe, his fudge would never fail. It’s quick and easy, and delicious. They call me the fudge queen around here! If he wants it, he can ask. Love you!

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