I Laid My Head on the Pillow, but I Couldn’t Sleep.

Do you have trouble going to sleep? At times I may lay my head on the pillow, and sleep runs away. It is no longer there. I am wide awake. I usually know to pray at this point. I am tired physically, but the Holy Spirit is awake in me. Other times I am too tire to stay awake. I give my thoughts and dreams to Him, and ask for rest. He gives me His peace, and I rest.

Many times I wake up needing to pray. I might have an impression to kneel and pray, so I do. I get down slower these days, because I am getting older. I believe when we take the time to find the Lord, and read the Word, then we are ready to go anywhere for the rest of the day. To the store, home, back to the store, to visit people, and back to the church, and then home. We go some days, and I am with Ed. He is my pastor, husband, and pastor to our church. We pray for the people before we get to the meetings. We pray for a hedge of protection around us.

When I find that I can’t sleep, and I am rested enough, then I pray to sleep. It takes a while, but the benefit is that I have given myself to prayer before I sleep. Other times I may need to pray during the day. I don’t leave home, and I stay to work, pray, and pray more. When you are open to this, God give you nudges to pray. At times when I lay down to sleep, I think to pray. I do, and I dose off at times. Other times it takes a while to go to sleep.  This is intercession for people,  places, and things. It is a drawing to Him to pray through about someone.

Therefore, I say, let us all be wise and discerning the Body of Christ. Let us walk in the Holy Spirit and encourage each other to walk the walk, and not stray from the path. Thank God for encouragers along the way who have hugged me “for no reason.” They knew to hug.


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