Have You Read Psalm 37 lately?

I love the book of Psalms. I believe the Bible is the Word of God. This Psalm has 40 verses, but it is jam-packed with jewels, and treasure that you should know about. The verses are special to me. I went through many years of difficult times, and Ed, and I found these verses to be of comfort. They contain much wisdom.

Fretting over evil doers is not for the Christian. You put your trust in the Lord your God. Trust Him and dwell, and live in the land of the living. Live in His Presence daily. When you delight in Him, He gives you what you desire, and need. The desires of your heart are those things that you want, but haven’t spoken aloud about but to Him. They are there for a reason. He wants to give you the desires of your heart.

Committing to God is up to you. You start the committing. He comes close when you draw near. Resting in the Lord is explained. Waiting patiently is a virtue. It is hard to wait patiently, but this is what the Psalmist says to do. He is wise. Evildoers have their own future planned for them. God isn’t going to put up with evildoers coming against Christians. Some are martyred, but God knows all things. He knows how to encourage them as they go through the trials of fire.

I believe God surrounds you like the mountains surround Jerusalem. I believe God wants us to be close, and closer to Him. We grow, and we continue to open the Word, and to pray. It is our choice, and when we become steady as a Rock, He is still there to help move the mountains that are in the way.

So what is in the way? How about stubbornness. We won’t really listen to God, or anyone, because we have our own stubbornness to deal with. I am stubborn, but when we submit to God, the stubbornness can be changed to tenacious, faith. Root yourself, and be grounded in the Word. Grow in the grace and knowledge of God, and step out in faith to do what you know you should be doing. Everyone has a task. Find out what your task is that God wants you to do. Praying is a task. It is awesome to pray and see answers. Really.


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