We are Ready Too, Early. We Have Eaten.

It is 9:27 and we have been ready for church. We go twenty minutes to get there. Our church is on 5 acres of grass, and woods. It is built of rock. At times we rock, because our music is always wonderful.

Today the windows inside have condensation on them. The temperature outside is 40 degrees. That is colder than I thought it would be today. I am ready for Spring to come. I wonder if it will be late, since we have had unusually, warm, weather.

One year it was delayed by much snow. You have to watch the weather. It changes. We were out of school, and church for a while with that snow..9 inches! Snow takes 3 weeks to get here if you pray for it to come. Other times it has come right away. The big snows take longer. This is my thought on it. I know from experience. I am older. Snow, and ice are slick. I have no, boots, so it would be nice to go to Spring without snow.


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