Real, Beauty is on the Inside.

Abide, Abide, Abide!Some one can be dressed immaculately, and still look ugly because of their attitudes. I believe real, beauty is in the heart of the person. I have seen some average, people who had such beauty on the inside of them. They had confidence, and control. They laughed, and they were effective with everyone around them. They showed the love of the Lord to everyone, and with a, glint in their eye. I believe such people should not be few, and far between. I believe people need to speak the truth gently, from their hearts, and be gentle with all of us. Of course we won’t be polished if all of us are gentle of heart. Some of us need to be polished so we will shine more for Jesus.

Rea,l beauty is the Lord’s beauty coming through. I am reminded of a Queen who had the beauty to be queen, and the heart to love, and pray for her people. She knew God well. I believe her stand saved her people who were Jewish. She had a heart of gold, and she loved the man who claimed her as his bride. He had a contest to choose the most, beautiful person. I guess when you have natural, beauty it is there, but real beauty comes from the heart. No one loves a, spoiled, child’s, attitude, even if they are gorgeous otherwise.

You can think, and still have courtesy, and depth. I believe we think with our eyes too, much. We go by what we see. God looks on the heart. It would be surprising to find people who will be famous, and who love Him.


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