Isaac is Fresh Out of Cookies.

Isaac makes these sugar cookies, and he stirs up an icing for them. Really. Confectioner’s sugar has a lingering, sweet, taste. The icing may be green, blue, yellow, or any color. He often laughs as he makes his cookies. So I finished the last one in the Tupperware container. Butch, our dog, loves cookies. He had to have a bite of one of the cookies. I broke off a piece for him.

I do believe with age, we are becoming firm believers in the fact that simple is better. Cookies are that way. Once you have a basic cookie dough, why change it?. Add chocolate chips, and you have chips in your cookies. I love chocolate chip cookies. I will be staying off them.

We usually make something after church when we are home. I didn’t get to make custard last night. I plan to make it when we are back home. It takes an hour to bake in a pan of water in little, ramekins. I believe this is the dessert that is not too, sweet. It is comfort  food, because it satisfies from head to toe, on a Winter day when the windows are sweating from condensation.

Today is Sunday. We aren’t taking cookies. Isaac plans to serve chocolate sauce, and ice cream for after church. The sauce was going to be fudge, so it is wonderful. I can taste, but only a bite. I don’t want to add on weight. Smile. I already have!


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