I Didn’t Rest Today.

I have been on another writing roll. I enjoy writing to you. I talk about everything that I want to say from my heart. You can tell the difference between writing from my heart, and just chatting. It is hard at times to keep these posts short. I have too, much to say, because I haven’t been talking, and I haven’t been writing. When I write frequently, I have just as much to say the next time. I am typing fairly fast as I type the words. I hope you will continue to have patience for Spring to arrive.

Today it was 40 degrees here. I am glad it was cooler and sunny, that for it to still be rainy. I do love a rainy day. Rain and I go back a long way to my childhood. I had plenty of memories in the rain. I love a rainy day, and I don’t become saddened by the rain. I think of it as rather romantic. My husband’s attention is focused on the house, and our warmth.

I am still having trouble with my eyes. I must go see an eye doctor. I haven’t been in a while. It hasn’t been 5 years, but it has been maybe two years, or three. At any rate, the right eye is injured for my fall, when I hit my head. I will go get them checked out. I don’t like to go, but I will.


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