The Importance of Dreams.

I want to talk to you about a wonderful subject. Dreams are important, because through them you can communicate with God Almighty. I give my dreams to the Lord. I ask not to dream unless it is a dream from Him. I bind anything in the way between God, and me, and say, “I give you my dreams Father in Heaven. Let me have a dream that has your blessing on it, or let me just sleep.”

I don’t ever just sleep. I dream in color, and I see it while I dream. Last night I dreamed of a woman who was not walking with God. She was walking in the darkness, and it was around her. Then I saw the same woman who was not in the darkness any longer. I prayed for her, and when I told my husband about the dream, he knew who it was.

In the Bible Joseph interpreted dreams of the Pharoah. and Daniel had many prophetic dreams. Some people dream about what the next day will be, and they go through the day knowing that they dreamed about it.  I believe in giving my dreams to the Lord. Then if I don’t dream, I rest in knowing that He didn’t want me to dream and remember it.



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