Just had a Delicious Cheese, and Tomato ,Sandwich.

I used white bread this time. The little iron skillet was hot. I put butter in the pan, a slice. Then I put the bread down on the butter. It had melted in the pan. I added two slices of tomato, and scattered some shredded cheese on top. I put the lid on the sandwich, and turned it over in the pan with more butter to melt.  This took 2 minutes to make, and if I had known I was going to do this, I could have made it faster.

I just finished my lunch. I dried clothes today, separated them, and ironed some of them. The sandwich gave me energy that I need for the rest of my day. Cheese can be a meat substitute. I had no reason to put meat on the sandwich. Mayo was on the slice of bread after I heated it. It melted with the cheese. I love toasted, and grilled tomato-cheese sandwiches. I don’t have any more tomatoes to show anyone about this wonderful sandwich. It is allllllllllllllllllllllll gone!


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