Humidity is Not Good When Making Candy.

Isaac will say he can’t make candy, because the humidity is too, high.

I said, “Don’t listen to anyone about the humidity. In Grandma’s day, if she wanted to make fudge, she did.”

This didn’t work well, to say. The fudge was pourable, but too much liquid. It is not setting up right. He says it should be drier than it is. This is the problem with fudge. It has to be worked. If you put in too, much liquid, it will take more time for it to dry out.

I told him about the fantastic white stuff that many people put in their fudge. Isaac is one of a kind. He wanted to make the real thing. He did. Now we are waiting for it to really set up. It is later setting up…so we will see what happens. Will this fudge do right by us, and turn out? We will know soon. He put walnuts in it. Just that is wonderful.


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