Your Dreams are Never Lost.

I believe a good dream will repeat itself. I believe your dreams are never lost. I pray for dreams from the Lord, or not any at all. I see in living color in those dreams, and many times I am in a real world with real people. It is in the future at times. It depends on how much I have read the Word, as to what kind of dream I have.

So can I share what I have dreamed? Hardly. I am there, and I see all this happening, but to tell what it was is like going through a maze. It is not the right timing to say what the dream was.

I know that when I see someone with the anointing in the dream, they are clear, and at times they may have a glow around their body. Head to toe glow of the Holy Spirit is there, because they have read the Word, and meditated daily. They think, and sleep about the Lord. In His Presence is fullness of joy. I think if we have been to Heaven we would remember the trip. I don’t think I have been there in my dreams. There are people who have been.

I believe the Lord wants to communicate with us. When we have precious little time, then he will try to talk to us in our sleep. Have you had such a dream, where you were talking to the Lord, or about Him? He is awesome, and God can do anything He wants with our minds when we sleep.



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