Your Choices in Life.

I had a dream the other night. I saw a lady. She was choosing to walk in the darkness. Then she changed her mind. I saw her clearly without the darkness there. She now walks in the light. I believe we have choices in life. We can walk in the darkness of deceit, and listen to our, “self,” which tries to sit on the throne of our heart. Lies are what cause the darkness, and many are captured by themselves, and self-love.

The Bible speaks about loving your neighbor as yourself. What if your neighbor came to you and honestly wanted to know how you are getting along. Would you be open to talking for a few moments. Most of the time we trust no one because we have seen how distrust makes us afraid that if we were to talk, then others wouldn’t understand. Your integrity helps you know what to do in most situations in life.

I believe we will not go far in life until we do love our neighbor as our self. We must start so others will pick up the acts of kindness. I would love to be surprised by seeing more kindness in other people. Some have opinions, and they will never back down, or forgive people who have gone down the wrong path for a little while. I believe Jesus would say, “He who has no fault, pick up the stone to stone her.”

I believe Jesus was firm, understanding, and full of the Word, and what He knew was right. He is God, and is God’s Son. I believe Jesus Christ has much impact on us, but at times we don’t want to walk in the light. We continue to walk in the darkness because we don’t want to change. It will come when each of us takes the idea seriously. We change because Jesus Christ lives in side us by the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray for the children I taught in school. Recently I figured it was near 500 in the 20 years I taught. That is not many, but I hope they saw the light of the Lord on my face, and felt the love of Jesus before I said a word.


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