Sober 2

I met a student I had in First Grade many years ago. He is married, and has two kids and a wife. Yet he remembered me as his first grade teacher. I was strict, and made him do his best.

You know, if you go to school, you ought to stay until you have finished what you started. If you wanted a degree, then be strong, and pursue this with all your heart. Many plans are put aside because we want to have a home, and family. They care, and they should help you in the waiting, until you have finished what you started.

I believe being sober is more than not being drunk with wine, or beer. I believe you can be sober, and vigilant, thinking about the Lord first, and foremost.  You might say, well be sober, but look at all those who are gaining in the world with drinking, and happiness. I say keep sober, and be steadfast. Move on with your goals, and take pride in the fact that you have made it this far. Don’t stop until you finish what you have set out to do. If you are in school, then for pity’s sake, stay in school, and graduate. Your family will be proud to stand with you, and rejoice.

I know many who have not finished what they started because of a boyfriend, or girl who insisted they to their way. They married, and that ended the dream of pursuing and education and a degree. There is nothing wrong with Education. It causes you to go in freedom, into the unknown. I know of two instances where the men in the family finished their degrees later after they had their families. They were supported, and the degree made a difference in the type of jobs they could apply for. They applied, and moved away. It was a sober thing to see them leave, but I rejoiced with them. I would miss them, but they left for greener fields, and more money for their paychecks. They were praising God for the freedom they now had since graduating from college.


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