So What Is Your Dream?

Everyone has a dream, but you must find it if you don’t know what it is. Ask God what He wants you to do with the rest of your life, Christian. Particularly if you are single, then ask Him. He will gladly tell you by a strong impression, or by others who will say, “You should go this way.”

Your talent will show early.  In my childhood, I played with many children. I taught my class every day when I would come home from school with homework. My class was the thirty, dolls I had in my room. I believe you should find out what your interest, or dream is. If it is a dream, I am sure you have some clues.

My son gets great delight in cooking for others. He is making fudge for the next after church experience around a dessert. He hasn’t made fudge before, but he will do fine. He is endowed with cooking abilities, and he follows the recipe most of the time. I believe He didn’t know His dream would be related to cooking.



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