Dreams Are Never Lost.-2

If you haven’t accomplished what you dreamed, don’t be disappointed. If it is really what you have wanted to do with your life, then take some boldness to get started, and on its way. We have one life to live.

I knew I should teach school, but I went to Bible college right after High School. I was there for a year, and I was miserable. I had more problems with talking to people, and getting in trouble for wanting to communicate. I went from cleaning the bathroom on my hall as a chore, to being by myself with a worker in the  mailroom.

I applied to a Christian Baptist college, after leaving this Bible college. That Fall I started  studies in Education. I settled in, and joined the Baptist church that was sponsoring the school. I was baptized one Sunday night at the church there, because I felt led to join. I was in the bus ministry, helping with children on Sunday nights. You see, I got in with both feet. I realized that I was called to teach, and pursuing this would help me get back to the Dream I had of becoming a teacher.



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