Commit to Memory.

I had to memorize 300 verses in order to go to a Christian camp. It was the way to get into the camp. It took me from First grade through the Fifth Grade to work on those verses, and to finally have them all said.

I believe in committing to memory some passages of the Bible even to this day. I find choice passages as I study.  I don’t think it is a waste of time to memorize the scripture. I read it daily, and I believe by the time I age, that I will have passages of the Word put to memory from just reading it thoroughly 3x a year. I have a hobby of reading the Bible through every year. At times I have done this 3x a year. Other times I might only make this goal for two, times.

The difference is my zeal to study, and not rush through the Word. It is alive, active, and I believe this is a tool God uses to really speak to us. He encourages us in little, ways when we determine to be steadfast, and unmovable in our approach to study.

I am concerned for one who has recently gone through a foot, operation. I guess he is still having problems with the pain. Pills help, but really time helps to heal. He studies, and I am sure, in the process of the healing, that he will take time to study the Word. Those who study are teachers.

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