To Jamal.

I don’t know if I have your name right. I don’t remember your last name. Today, while I was eating with my family, you came over to say, “Hello.”

You were in my first grade class, and I don’t know which one. This was quite an experience for one of my former students to say, “Thank you for being my teacher”.

You  said, “You made me behave. You kept telling me I was smart, and that I needed to work, and study. ”

I said ,”Jamal,  did you finish high school?”

You  said, “Yes!”

I said, ” Did you go on to college? ”

You smiled, and said, “Yes!”

I prayed for my students who I have taught. I prayed for all of them, that God would bless, and that they would finish what they started, and become what they dreamed of being.

I napped eventually. Prayer makes me sleep.


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