Supper was a long time coming.

I fixed supper for the prayer meeting group. It took a while to make it. We had a sparse crowd. People didn’t let me know they could not be there. I care, and it would be a matter of not spending as much money on the meal.

I marinated the meat, and then breaded it. I thought it was tasty. I made home-made cranberries, that were sweetened to my taste. They were good with the meat. I fixed carrots, and broccoli in the steamer. All this took time. I started around 3:00 P. M. and didn’t stop until I had the meal ready. We ate on time. It was a good, sound meal.

Simple is good. Each meal is worked on, thought over, and prayed about. I was disappointed about the turnout, but I can’t make people come. I thought maybe the meal would draw people. It didn’t.


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