Today is Wednesday. I Cook At the Church Today.

Yeah! Another meal to fix at the church for those who come for the Bible study. I love fried okra. I will fix it with baked chicken, which has been marinated in the refrigerator. I want to fix mashed potatoes, but if I bake them for two, hours, they will be easy to mash. Who knows what else will be with this meal. I found some cranberries, and I am wanting to boil them, and present them with a plus for the baked chicken. I bring our older steamer and have broccoli in minutes. It will be freshly steamed.

Ed, and I pray over the meal, and we Ask God to bless it long before it is cooked, and served. My sites are on the chicken leg that I plan to eat!  I like the dark meat better. It usually is more tender than the chicken breasts, but you know marinating the chicken will make it all tender. Smile.

Dessert? We hardly need it with a good, meal. Pineapple , and fruit will be coming as a plus to the meal. One family always asks what we are having, and then they bring something. They are bringing a fruit tray.

I might make slaw to go with the meal. .I shred it fresh with a shredder at the church. It takes minutes to shred, and later, closer to time to eat, I put the dressing on the slaw. It is different, and always good. I have a good recipe from Ed’s mom.



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