This Is an Awesome Day!

I am alive and well. Last night I went to bed early. I thought maybe I overdid with the washing, and drying. We have been on a journey, and it is almost over. We will wash clothes again tomorrow, and then maybe we will be through with washing everything that is material. We sent some things to the cleaners. My closet is full again, and getting more full. Everything has been washed, dried, and put back to hang until worn.

Some trials come along to test us. How much do we love the Lord? I will say that if we confess Him as Lord with out mouth, there should be a difference in us, and a change. Christians are sold out to God in Jesus name. They are full of the Holy Spirit. I believe in total surrender from head to toe, inside and out. You know, we are human, and at times we walk the wrong path. God will forgive those who humble themselves before Him, and repent.

No good thing will He withhold from His children who walk uprightly. He is the Lord of Hosts. We are blessed when we fully trust Him. Psalm 84:11-12. The first part of this verse I knew, but now the last sentence I found, and plan to commit to memory. God surrounds us like Jerusalem is surrounded with the mountains. He wants to bless those who walk with Him. He is awesome.



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