Stats Have Been Low Today.

This is one of my recent drawings. It is several days I have been washing, and drying clothes. We still have more to wash, and dry in the laundry mat. We will do it this week. There are so many clothes, and some I will have to let go. I let go a jacket today. It had holes in it. It is old. I got it at a yard sale, and I like jackets with my long pants. I saved the one button. It had a picture on it in gold.

I don’t like to stop typing on the Rubies Corner’s blog. I don’t have as much times as I did the other day. Ed says we will go together to the laundry mat to get more bags of clothes washed, and dried. Then it will be a matter of putting the clothes in their place. I hope we never ever have to go through this ordeal again.

We found one bed bug. I found several dead bugs, but they weren’t the same kind. This led to having the house fumigated, and looked after for three weeks by a specialist. Yes, he knows his bugs. I don’t know how this all happened, but recently I did go to a sale and the clothes were free. I got a few. We do have yard sales at the church. We do have visitors at times. You can’t be too clean!


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