Allergies Don’t Leave Easily.

Good morning! Let’s think about allergies. Many people suffer with allergies. They absolutely can’t have certain foods, because their skin will break out. My husband can’t eat certain kinds of sugar. They are false sugar, or substitutes. He has pink rash that starts and won’t go away. When  he stays off these the rash goes away.

I have a problem with powder. If it comes too close, I can’t breathe. I try to stay away from it. I can’t get along with chalk like what you use on old-fashioned black boards in schools. It makes my nose itch, and soon my nose stops up. I don’t know that mine are allergies, but I know of people who have severe allergies to dust, and to chalk. I had to be careful as a teacher to not use lots of chalk around certain students. They became overcome with their allergy.

I believe in getting in the sunshine, and walking the trails, but here again my nose gets attacked. Spring brings it on. There are over the counter medications for allergies. Rashes are usually brought on by something. You need to get them checked out if they persist. They too, might be an allergy.


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