My Hobbies…

My hobby is reading the Bible through. I hope by the time I am old, and gone, that I will have read it 40 times. I don’t know if that will happen. Last time took a year and a half! I use the Teen Challenge papers that help you go through the Bible in an organized way. I skip around some, but I always mark the page when I have read a chapter. Today I finished half of 2nd Samuel.

Another hobby is drawing, and painting. I am beginning to want to paint . My son is a graphic artist. He collects comments that I make that make him laugh. I trust that he won’t write a book of comments until I am gone. Smile. I believe in the goodness of the Lord. I believe He gives us joy when we have been in His Presence. I figure, if I am going to read through the Bible, I need an organized approach. I don’t want to read straight through. So the paper helps me keep up with what I’ve read.

Writing on the internet to the Rubies Corner’s followers is refreshing to me. I write to my audience, even if I have not met them. 755 as of last night are following, and I hope to continue on for a long time. I take a day to clean the house. During that day I find time to type out posts. I must have written 15 by the end of yesterday!

I draw for the blog, and these are done with the mouse. It is a different way of drawing, but I don’t spent 45 hours on one ,piece. I did when I painted flowers. Ed bought me a beautiful, blossoming, tree for Valentine’s Day. It is fluffy with blossoms. I plan to draw it, or just admire it for a long time. Several of my paintings are hanging at the church on the wall. That is not all of them. I have given some away when I felt led. They are gone, but my heart remembers them.

Most of the paintings are in acrylic. My father was an artist, and he recommended acrylic, paint because it dries faster than oil. I have one, or two of the earlier paintings that were done in oil. Must go. I don’t write lengthy posts……usually..


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