More Forgiveness.

I believe in forgiving people. I work on it until I really have. I don’t go to them, but I take my thoughts to the Lord, and I work it out before Him. I believe God wants us to get over ourselves. He wants us to live in His Presence daily. Un-forgiveness should be taken care of because we shouldn’t have bitterness, and places of un-forgiveness. He cares more than anyone on earth can, but God sees our hearts. Where there is strife and contention, I bind it. I bind scheming, and unkind words from affecting me. I believe the Lord draws close when we repent of our own ways, and words. Un-forgiveness is a snare, and it will entrap you if you don’t forgive from your heart. Then let go.

I had to forgive people in a church once. They were mean to both of us. It was hard to go through. I sat for two hours naming those who I needed to forgive, and crying over my un-forgiveness, and what it had done for me. When I finished praying I saw the names I had forgiven on a floating plane. It left the room, with all the names of those I forgave. It was a picture of what happens when we really forgive from our hearts. I was relieved of my burden, and my un-forgiveness, and bitterness. It was a remarkable time. I believe the Lord hears us when we privately ask Him to forgive us from the sins of un-forgiveness. People are human, and they will not always get along with you. Forgive them. Let them go. Then God will deal with them, and you.


Author: rubiescorner

I love to paint,write,make up my own recipes, and sing. I write poetry, songs, and books. I began to paint, because my sister left me art supplies, and I needed to use them. She encouraged anyone to paint.Then she died of cancer. I began to paint more, because I was grieving over her death. As I painted I came out of my gloom, and grief. She was a wonderful, artist. I continue to paint. Recently I have been writing my, fourth, novel. It is about life for a couple who live in a small, town. There is one, adventure after another, in this book. I make no apology for writing Christian novels. I believe there is an audience for Christian literature that is written in this century! My prayer is that after reading it, people will want to read the Word of God, and commit to Christ. I pray over the text, and type. My son encouraged me to join Word, and he set up my first blog which we called Rubies Corner's Blog. I have other blogs which I have left open, but the largest, blog at this point is Rubies Corner's Blog. My book is being written on rubiesdonovels which is another blog. I am currently writing my fourth, book.. I hope to publish eventually. I am a retired school teacher. My husband is pastor of Christ Fellowship in Ringgold, Georgia. We have been there over thirty, years. I write about my church, and about life from a Christian, perspective as a pastor's wife. Life has become very, interesting, and busy since I resigned from my last job. I consider myself retired, but I paint frequently. My Gravatar shows one, painting that I did several years ago. The plant cost over thirty dollars. I painted on this one for a while. I have another site that has more art work. It is on deviantArt under RSC3. I have over 200 drawings there. Some were finished on the computer with the mouse. Enjoy.

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