More Forgiveness.

I believe in forgiving people. I work on it until I really have. I don’t go to them, but I take my thoughts to the Lord, and I work it out before Him. I believe God wants us to get over ourselves. He wants us to live in His Presence daily. Un-forgiveness should be taken care of because we shouldn’t have bitterness, and places of un-forgiveness. He cares more than anyone on earth can, but God sees our hearts. Where there is strife and contention, I bind it. I bind scheming, and unkind words from affecting me. I believe the Lord draws close when we repent of our own ways, and words. Un-forgiveness is a snare, and it will entrap you if you don’t forgive from your heart. Then let go.

I had to forgive people in a church once. They were mean to both of us. It was hard to go through. I sat for two hours naming those who I needed to forgive, and crying over my un-forgiveness, and what it had done for me. When I finished praying I saw the names I had forgiven on a floating plane. It left the room, with all the names of those I forgave. It was a picture of what happens when we really forgive from our hearts. I was relieved of my burden, and my un-forgiveness, and bitterness. It was a remarkable time. I believe the Lord hears us when we privately ask Him to forgive us from the sins of un-forgiveness. People are human, and they will not always get along with you. Forgive them. Let them go. Then God will deal with them, and you.


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