I Grew Up In the South.


I am the middle child. This means I came second, and my younger, sister came almost three years later. I guess I gave my family a problem, and they didn’t have need for another little one until I grew more. Or maybe God wanted me to have time to grow a little before my baby sister came to greet us.

We moved from Atlanta to Kentucky. I loved the mountains of Kentucky, and the snows we had every Winter. I was too, young to pray for snow. God sent the snow, and I had a blast that first, year. It was cold, but I could eat it. In those days there wasn’t a large amount of pollution.

I believe in the goodness of the Lord. We played outside in all the states we moved to while Dad was a pastor. We moved to North Carolina, and then to Tennessee. Dad stayed the longest in Tennessee, because he drew pictures, and talked about God on one of the television stations. This went to several more stations, and he stayed so Mom could help him with this television ministry.

We moved again to North Carolina, and I finished high school. It didn’t matter how much they moved after that. I went on to college in the Fall, and worked on my B. S. degree in Education. It was hard, but I studied, and prayed over grades, and tests. Later I taught for 20 years.

That may not seem like much, but it was long, hard work. I am glad I went into teaching. The children I taught were special to me, and I believe they were with me for a reason. I am calm, cool, and collected most of the time, and serious when I teach. The imagination the Lord gave me helped in motivating the children to learn what they could. I believe some went into teaching later.

I grew up in the South. I don’t regret this. I love people, and places where I have been. My father moved every four years, and we met some nice Southern people. I believe God gives the background for what you will do in the future. Teaching seemed like the natural thing for me to pursue. I did. It wasn’t always easy, but what job is.? I knew I should teach, and this helped when the times were difficult. It isn’t always easy to teach children. They are an inspiration at times. Smile.


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