Still Reading.

I’m still doing the early morning reading, only with a magnifying glass at times. I believe it helps my eyes. I need to get them checked. I’m waiting for a better time to do this. Glasses get old, and you go get checked. Invariably there is a change in my eyes. Last time my left eye was perfect, and the right one was affected by my fall when I hit my head in 09. It is damaged, but I see a little more out of it!

I am reading in the Old Testament again, in 2 Samuel. I read half way today. I have a little of the New Testament to finish. I found a paper I started earlier. This is my 8th time. I will finish quickly by finishing what I started in 2015. Most of the New Testament was completed, and some of the Psalms. I am working on them also. The Psalms are full of joy, and encouragement.

I read about David’s wife Micah. She was not encouraging when he came back from dancing before the Lord. She despised him in her heart. I can see why they had no children. I believe we work out our salvation with fear and trembling. I believe in loving my husband, and doing right. That means bringing in forgiveness, and it is not hard to forgive when you don’t have a hard heart. We must not have a ruthless spirit, but we should forgive anyway. This is done at home in the privacy of your meditation with the Lord. Then you can walk in forgiveness, and mean it. Some maintain their hard, hearts, but when God gets hold of you, He wants to see a tender heart toward Him.

Your walk with the Lord is important to your family. My son reminds me to read the Word, because he sees the change that has happened in me. Yesterday, I saw him reading the Word. I walked into the dining room, and there he was with his Bible open. This thrilled me. He is privately reading before He starts his day. May God be blessed, forever. God is faithful, and He brings about our ships to follow after Him. Smile.


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