When It Is Hard to Forgive.

Words sting at times. I don’t know why, but people choose to say mean, truthful, things. If it is truthful, it still may hurt. Words can be pleasant, and be a fake. I have found the hard way is to forgive when the words hurt like crazy.

Some people are truthful no matter what. I have met a, few, and honestly I do admire their grit to say it like it is, and to let the pieces fall where they will. It is hard to take the honesty when it is the truth. It isn’t spoken with gentleness, or carefully. It is just spoken, and the chips fall to my feet, and my heart wants to pick them up, but I know I should wait. See what the effect will be on me.

I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t expect the people who don’t know Christ to have Christian love. The puzzlement is that they have more love than the Christian at times.

Speak the truth with love….but does that mean be firm, and spill out what you are thinking? I believe it does mean this, but the truth can be a verse, or something the Holy Spirit has spoken to you. It is not necessarily criticism.

When it stings, the truth is being told in firmness without gentleness. Other times the person, me, may be too, fragile to hear all of the truth at once.

Speak the truth with love, so just say it, and then leave. See if we sting, and cry, and repent? I believe the speaker needs to find the love of God in another angle. It may be the truth, but then ask the recipient to come with some words of truth for you. Are you willing?

I wouldn’t do this if I had the chance. I know that the truth hurts unless you handle things like the person is a beautiful, fragile, flower. Many are the times when people have spoken the truth, and gone on their way. They were not humble, but they were arrogant, and full of proud, words.

I believe when someone is in sin, that they can be restored by speaking the truth, but the speaker needs to be careful in what manner they have spoken. If both are Christians, it should be with the love of God that we feel when we walk into a service, and someone has been inviting the Holy Spirit to move among us.

I believe hardness of heart is a sin, as much as any other sin. We become bitter, and hardened by our own sins. When someone tries to redeem us, it should be with the fear of God, and gentleness.

Words hurt, and sting, but you can ask Jesus to take the hurts, and the stingers from your spirit. Child of God, don’t look at the outward appearance of a person. Ask the Holy Spirit to show them to you in the Holy Spirit. He will give you a picture that should show what this person is in their heart. It might be a block of pure gold. It might be melted gold. Which is better? One has gone through more to have a melted heart before the Lord. We must forgive. I do, and it comes back. I forgive until it takes.



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