Thoughts for Today. This is Thursday all day.

after-the-stormlove-joy-peaceAt time I know the Lord has given me wisdom to maintain my stand with Him, and to trust Him with all my heart. His ways are always higher, and He sees the whole picture, where I might not see all of it.

This is a self-portrait that is on the wild side. I still like it. I believe the fruit of the Holy Spirit is important to show in our lives. Simply trusting Him, and asking to hold His hand is simple trust. I hold His hand when I am going through difficult times such as the days before my Father died. The Lord said to hold His hand, and by faith I did. God is invisible, but what He meant was to draw close, as if I were really holding His hand. I did.

Foot steps are ordered by the Lord
self-portrait. Spiritually adept, and ready to walk in the Holy Spirit’s Power all day…because of the Word, and Prayer, and faith. What He has started, He will finish.

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