Stats are up to 60!

Yeah! I see that some are reading what I have said. I try to be careful. This is the day to be verbose. I have been on the computer for a while now, but I am writing what I think…for the most part.

I don’t like to write about negative things. I love to write about the world without the negative . I know we put up with much, but it is your attitude that will get you further down the road. When you are negative, it is hard to move very fast down the road of life. Maybe you don’t want to move fast. I don’t want to go through life in a rush. I enjoy the sunshine, the rain, and even the storms. I love the birds when they decide to set up nests. I love the business of Spring.

Today is different. I have sat her writing and writing. I have done my washing for the day. I still have more to do, but we don’t have someone coming to see how we are progressing with bagging up and unbaging the clothes. I have survived, and that is wonderful. Isaac usually cooks supper for us. On Tuesday before Valentine’s, I cooked the meal. I made it nice, and this was my thank you, and Valentine’s Card. It worked, and the meal turned out nicely. I liked staying home for Valentine’s night.


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