Some Favorite Flowers.


Valentine’s Day was special this year. In fact this year has been special. Ed gave me flowers in a pot this year, and they are absolutely lovely. I can plant them outside in the yard, or continue to water them in the pot provided. I expect this one will grow, and have to be planted outside. It is lovely, with light pink flowers. I haven’t seen such a flower.

I made a nice meal that week, and we did go out. I believe I am spoiled. This year has been the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had. Smile.

As to my favorite flowers, I love Jonquils. They are blooming in everyone’s yard now. I see them and smile. Spring is finally here, and a little early! Wisdom from the past Winters says not to believe Spring is here yet, even if the daffodils are up. It could be that we might have a touch more of Winter. Spring comes in the later part of March. It makes sense to me. But I love the flowers!



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