Some days I Should Go Back to Bed, and Start the day over.

Really. Those days are when nothing works. The cat is even mad with me. I start the day being mad for some reason, and it goes all day long. Finally, it is bedtime, and the rest of the family is glad that Ruby is gone to bed.

What makes me react this way. Well, I am up in the night. I waken, and I get up when I wake up, and come back to bed. I go to sleep, and maybe I have a bad dream. I finally pray, and go back to sleep, and we waken, knowing that we have little time to dress, and rush to where we should be going.

Life is too, short to rush here and there. I have stopped in the middle of the road at times I am not going to rush. I wait for the day to be over , because I know I have failed today.

This day is a good day. I have been writing, and I read this morning. I believe getting up early is worth it. I have my own cup of tea that I brewed. Then I sit down to read, and study. I take my time, because who gets up this early? Some do, but they have to go to work. I don’t. There is no excuse for me to have a bad day. End of story. (End of Argument.)


3 thoughts on “Some days I Should Go Back to Bed, and Start the day over.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I just have seen your remark. I believe when I get a good dose of the Word, and pray that I should have a good day. At times I remind God that I spent 2 hours with Him. I ask Him to deal with the situation, because I know it is harassment.

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