I Should Go Outside More.

I have plenty of work to do inside, but as the weather changes to warmer, I should work outside some. Smile. This is from someone who has been told not to be in the direct sun for long periods of time. Yes, I could stay out maybe 10 minutes at a time, but an hour or two would not help. I have a pacemaker. That is the problem.  I can go later when the sun is not high in the sky.

I do love my pacemaker, and the fact that now I can do more. I was tired many times during the day when I had to deal with my heart. The doctor put the pacemaker in, and I could get up and do things, and not have the tiredness. I am careful, but I am forgetful at times that the pacemaker is there.

I believe they are a wonderful invention for some heart patients. The operation to insert the pacemaker comes first. I’m on my second pacemaker. I believe I may even get to go for a third one. Smile.


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