Fasting Helps.

There is a time to eat, and enjoy your meal. There are other times when you know God’s hand is on you, and it is time to fast, and pray. I’ve given my life to Christ, and I fast when it is time to fast. Fasting is when you want God to influence others through your giving up something for a season.

Many fast, and drink water. Medically, I can’t do this, so I choose what to fast. I have plenty I can leave off my plate. Fasting  is agreeing with God about a prayer request, and praying through about it. Fasting is humbling your self, and seeking God for a time about the needs of the people. It is becoming disciplined in your prayer life, and leaving the mundane for the spiritual side of life.

I see the hardness of heart  leave. People come to Christ  Praying is work, but it works. Give the situation to God, and talk to Him . The Bible says we can boldly come before the Throne of Grace. I believe we must come  humbly when we fast. God is awesome.


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