Another Beautiful Day!

Let me continue to talk about being beautiful on the inside. Christians, you can’t be beautiful on the inside unless you repent of your sins, and turn to Christ for forgiveness. You have to see the sin, and forgive yourself also. I believe God uses people to point to the sin, and even this is a time for gentleness with the person. Your anger won’t help to change the person. It will get their attention, but look at the effect of the anger with the chiding. Can you pray for the person for 3 days before you tell them off?

When I am told bluntly, I respond. I cry, get angry, and finally admit the person was right. Her way of telling me was not humble, but the words were right on. Should I receive it? I believe I am about as stubborn as a person is made. I believe at times it takes the truth to startle me into repentance. It isn’t the easiest way to know God knows what you have been hiding. It is hard to take the chiding, but when the pieces have fallen, and you have found the Lord’s comfort, don’t become angry because someone spoke to you this way.

By His grace we maintain fellowship with God, and by His grace we have been saved. I believe we are being saved from ourselves, and from what we have done in our lives that has robbed God of His time with us.

Humility! God says to humble yourself before Him. I have no reason to point the finger to someone else. God is still working on me. Pride goes before a fall. Arrogance has no, place in the church, but humility is hidden from God at times. May He show  us our own sins, and may we respond in humility of spirit, and repentance. Then we can truly look at a person, and love them with God’s love. Our sinfulness has been forgiven. We have been broken by His Words to us. Then we can have a beautiful, day!


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